Navigating Visual Imagery and Verbalization

Visual images are increasingly becoming an integral part of our life. This concise, thought-provoking book examines navigation between visual images and words, and its implications on our thought processes.

Transitional Space #1

This artist book presents Moriya´s paintings: Transitional space #1, her article: "The fourth dimension, Art and Science” and the curator´s article: "An artistic process through time and space”. Moriya is an artist and art therapist. Formerly an information systems engineer.

Art Therapy in Schools

Effective Integration of Art Therapists in Schools
Schools are increasingly employing art therapists. Properly integrating art therapists in schools makes it possible to maximize the high potential of therapy work with children, as well as contributing to the entire school environment. Supervisors, principals, teachers, school counselors and educational psychologists will find here a concise explanation of the nature of art therapy, along with case examples. This book provides a theoretical and practical survey of the issues surrounding the integration of emotional therapy in an educational framework.