September 2018
The Artists´ House, Tel Aviv

"100 dreams 100 places one home" - Group show

December 2017
The Museum Of Goa, India
Hutheesing Visual art Centre, Ahmedabad, India

"Namaste" - Solo show

September 2017
The artists house named after Chagall, Haifa, Israel

"Vanishing lands" - Group show

May 2017
Design hotel ca-pisani, Venice

"Tower of Babel" - Group show

April 2016
Schema gallery, New York, NY
Givatayim City Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
Trebisonda Centro per l´Arte Contemporanea Perugia, Italy

"The woman with the iron wings"

March 2016
Ein Hod Gallery, Israel

"Stopover" - Solo show

November 2015
ZOA gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel

"Art for Peace" - Group show

April 2015
Terezin Memeorial Museum, Terezin, The Czech Republic. 

"Transition" - Solo show

February 2015

"Black & White, almost" - Solo show

October 2014
Jerusalem Cinematheque 

"Time and Space" - Solo show

October 2013
Merhav leomanut jaffa

"Transitional Space #2" - Solo show

September 2013
Memior de l´avenir, Paris, france