May 2017
Design hotel ca-pisani, Venice
Dafna Moriya was born in California, USA. She is an artist, a researcher and a social activist. Dr Moriya´s academic background is in Information System Engineering (Haifa Teknion), Psychology (Haifa University), Art Therapy (MA, Prat Institute Brooklyn) and Ethical and Creative Leadership (PHD, Union Institute and University, Cincinnati). Moriya worked as an Information System engineer. She lectures in Israel and abroad. She works with Art Therapy, is a mentor and a senior lecturer in Art Therapy. She founded and manages The Centre for Art-Based Research & Change.

Moriya exhibits her paintings in solo and group exhibitions, in Israel and abroad. She studied Art in various academic institutions, as well as with well-known artists and through a personal programme at The School of Art. Moriya´s art is an integral part of her life journey in which she researches into various kinds of information, walking the line between verbal space and non-verbal expressions. She examines the strength of each to bring about change and growth, both in the personal and the social spheres. Her paintings are a product of self-examination and an invitation to move about the non-figurative and pre-verbal planes. At first, the eye comes in contact with an abundance of shapes. The spectator is invited to unravel the painting gradually, to observe its various layers, the interaction or lack of interaction between the shapes, and the various lines and rhythm of the movements. By decoding the enigmatic painting Moriya creates an internal journey.

With the project "Concealing for Growth” Moriya created concealment and eradication out of which grow letters, thus creating several layers. Each layer conceals a layer below, and emphasises the existence of another. The project is made of a suspended installation containing 8 parts on top and an artist´s book below. The letters are the link between the two parts.