Transitional space #2

In Transitional Space #2, painting is a journey into the depths, and every artwork is a voyage to a different level. The painting creates a kind of world unto itself, its size suited to the length and deepness of the voyage. Each time a new element appears in a painting, it tries to reproduce, spread, and take over more space through its own rhythm and movement. It runs up against other elements residing there and decides whether to stop, bypass, or overrun them, sometimes covering and destroying them, sometimes symbiotically integrating with them.
The process of accumulating different elements out of the entire spectrum of living, and creating a world with an evolutionary development all its own - these are what bring the painting into being. Reality is not being imitated here. The painting is an expression of the seam between the conscious and the unconscious, existence and interpretation, reality and imagination. The creative process manifests the dance between these dichotomies.

The result requires deciphering. The first look encounters a mass of shapes and colors that invite the observer to slowly interpret the painting, to gaze at it repeatedly, continually discovering something new. The next look allows the observer to discern different layers-either interacting or disconnected from one another, directions of movement and various tempos. By decoding the enigmatic painting in this manner, the observer is able to embark on a voyage through his own internal spaces. The painting is a window, a passageway, a takeoff point both from and into inner depths.